Daphna Shohamy PhD, Principal Investigator
Daphna founded the Learning Lab at Columbia in 2007. Daphna received a BA from Tel-Aviv University, double majoring in Psychology and Humanities. She then went on to receive a PhD in Neuroscience from Rutgers University and trained as a postdoc at Stanford University's Psychology Department. Daphna is currently an associate professor in the Psychology department at Columbia University.

The interdisciplinary research in the Learning Lab builds on joint efforts of many people, including undergraduate and graduate students, research assistants, postdocs and collaborators, with expertise spanning multiple disciplines, including psychology, neuroscience, psychiatry, genetics and computer science.

Katherine Duncan
My research focuses on the role of neuromodulatory systems in memory, in particular how dopamine might regulate episodic encoding and retrieval. My approach integrates pharmacology, behavioral manipulations, and imaging techniques.
Madeleine Sharp
I am interested in applying what we know about the neurobiological mechanisms of cognitive processes like learning and memory to better understand why patients with movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, develop cognitive dysfunction, even at the early stages.
Bradley Doll
I am interested in how implicit and explicit learning systems cooperate and compete to produce adaptive behavior. I develop biologically constrained computational models of learning processes and test their predictions with behavioral and genetic studies.
Akram Bakkour
My research focuses on understanding the contribution of episodic memory during economic decision making and the brain systems that support these functions. I use a combination of behavioral, computational and non-invasive brain imaging techniques to answer these research questions.

Graduate Students
Raphael Gerraty
I am interested in the spatial and temporal dynamics of large-scale functional brain networks, and how their interactions might contribute to learning and decision making in a variety of contexts.
Erin Kendall Braun
​I am interested in the interaction of memory and decision making. My research specifically focuses on how rewards adaptively modulate memory and how the brain supports this modulation.
Caroline Marvin
My research focuses on what motivates people to learn, how this curiosity takes shape in response to various types of information and differing contingencies, and how the motivation to learn ultimately influences memory.

Research Staff
Lucy Owen
I am the lab manager, and am interested in how different memory systems interact in the process of learning and decision making.

Undergraduate Students and Research Assistants

Blair Vail
Emily Lang
Camilla van Geen
Hezi Ben Sasson
Luke Lawson
Andrew Gregory


Juliet Davidow - former PhD student, currently a postdoc at Harvard University.

Suzanne Wood - former postdoc, currently a research scientist at the University of Toronto.

Liane Schmidt - former postdoc, currently working in Hilke Plassmann's group at ENS Paris and INSEAD.

Karin Foerde - former postdoc, currently a research scientist at New York University.

Jenna Reinen - former PhD student (received in 2014), currently a postdoc at Yale University.

Nina Rouhani - former lab manager, currently a PhD student at Princeton University.

G. Elliott Wimmer - former PhD student (received in 2012), currently a postdoc at Neuroimage Nord in Hamburg, Germany.

Nathan Clement - former lab manager, currently a PhD student at Duke University.

Katie Insel - former research assistant, currently a PhD student at Harvard University.

Maxwell Bertolero - former research assistant, currently a PhD student at UC Berkeley.